Get off the gas, decarbonise your home to zero emissions and save within weeks!

All Electric Homes can help you reduce the emissions of your home, increasing your property value, saving you money on bills and possible home loan financial incentives for having a high efficiency home. Results within weeks, not years!



Home Electrical Efficiency Upgrades

We convert homes to be all electric, high efficiency homes by replacing all the gas appliances throughout the home including:

Solar Panels


Heat Pump Hot Water Systems
& Reverse Cycle Split Systems

Electrical Supply & Distribution
System Upgrades

Refrigerated Ducted Heating
& Cooling Systems

Induction Cooktop Systems

EV Chargers

Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades

Gas Appliance Abolishments

Gas Meter Abolishments

Our Focus

The focus of our business is not just making All Electric Homes sustainable but assisting with sustainability in the local community. All Electric Homes is part of the Want A Sparky business.

Over the last year, the business has shifted its focus to sustainable upgrades in the community. We are currently working with the LGA's to decarbonise their community centres, through abolishing all gas and moving them to all-electric. We also do this in the private sector through working on existing dwellings.

Our heat pump department has been installing hot water heat pumps for the last 24 months and our team have successfully installed over 1600 systems, replacing existing gas or inefficient electric systems. Want A Heat Pump

All Electric Homes have a strong supply network to ensure that client orders are met in a timely manner. If supply issues arise on specific appliances due to supply-chain disruptions we can readily provide a comparable appliance that meets the scope of All Electric Homes offering.                                                      


Save money and reduce your carbon emissions

All-electric homes save hundreds of dollars a year in energy bills, are healthier to live in, and are better for the environment.

Going all-electric puts around $1,000 per year back in the pockets of new-home owners, or over $2,200 with solar installed. A new Victorian detached home built all-electric will spend around $2,600 on energy bills and can save an additional $1,200 with solar panels. A dual-fuel home would spend around $3,600 per year.

Completely converting to an all-electric home from a dual fuel home can save $1,250 per year, in addition to the $950 saving from the existing solar system. Adding a medium-sized battery can also save a further $520 per year.

An all-electric home built today is 16% lower emissions than a new dual fuel home. Over the 10-year period from 2024-2034, that increases to 29% lower emissions for the new, all-electric home compared to a new dual fuel home.


  Source:   Residential Efficiency Scorecard

New homes to be all-electric from 1 January 2024

New homes requiring a planning permit will be required to be all-electric from 1 January 2024. This means new homes and residential subdivisions that require a planning permit cannot connect to the gas network.

This will apply to new planning permit applications submitted from 1 January 2024 for new dwellings in both greenfield and infill sites, and apartments, as well as all new public and social housing delivered by Homes Victoria.

All new government buildings will also be all-electric, including new schools and hospitals, reducing emissions and its own reliance on gas, while realising the benefits of all-electric technology.

More information to help you go all-electric


For clients, as part of our package through our finance partner Plenti, we can offer environmental upgrades finance at interest rates as low as 6.99%.

Residential Efficiency Scorecard

We provide a before and after Scorecard Assessment on your home that is backed by all Australian governments. This Scorecard certificate can then be used as a selling feature for your home and you will also have access to cheaper homes loan rates.

See the Domain Sustainability 2022 report that talks about the significant impact an all electric home can increase in property value. In Victoria it can increase property value by an average of 24% 

 Scorecard before any upgrades on an actual property that we have converted

Scorecard before upgrades

  Scorecard after upgrades on an actual property that we have converted

Scorecard after upgrades

Who We Are

The CEO of All Electric Homes, Trent Jones, has been in the electrical field for over 17 years. He started an electrical company - Want A Sparky in 2013 from the back room of his house in Mornington, Victoria with just himself and his wife doing the books. Since then, Want A Sparky has grown to 35 full time team members. Trent attributes this growth to the supportive business culture that has resulted in excellent employee retention.

Trent created another company in 2021, called Want A Heat Pump based on the Mornington Peninsula. With the sustainable intention to bulk replace and upgrade existing gas/electric HWS to heat pumps, this business has grown to a second branch in Altona North. The purpose is to support working further away from Mornington and to move into regional areas that do not always have connections to reliable installers. As the knowledge of his plumbers and electricians grew, he created All Electric Homes.

The intention behind All Electric Homes is to assist people in making their homes energy-efficient and sustainable by reducing them to zero carbon emissions.

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Take the step towards zero emissions and enjoy the savings in weeks, not years!


Get off the gas and make the move to an All Electric Home.

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